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Bristol VC's young stars shine at SWVA JuVoTo

Bristol Volleyball Club has two new stars in the making – Olivia and Payton, both just turned 11, who conquered the U12s girls' category at the SWVA JuVoTo. Their stellar performance didn't stop there; they also triumphed in two out of three games against the older U13s opponents.

Olivia and Payton's victory in the U12s girls' category showcases their talent and dedication, thanks to the solid training provided by the experienced Bristol Volleyball Club's youth coaches. What's even more impressive is their fearlessness in taking on the challenge of competing against the U13s, winning the majority of the games. Olivia and Payton join other winners from the junior section who have also achieved winner and runner-up places in both boys and girls age categories.

Olivia and Payton's success not only reflects their individual achievements but also underscores the strength of Bristol Volleyball Club's junior program. As we celebrate these victories, let's continue to support and inspire the next generation of volleyball enthusiasts. Congratulations, Olivia and Payton – you've truly left your mark on the court!

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