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Welcome to Bristol Volleyball Club

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Welcome to the beating heart of our community-driven, non-profit sports organisation – Bristol Volleyball Club! Our lifeline is a passionate crew of volunteers who fuel the flames of our athletic ambitions. Let us introduce our 2023/2024 Committee.

Don't hesitate to connect with our committee members and be a part of our community!


Anita Noneva

Vice Chair - Plans & Future

Bupie Buiser

Vice Chair - Membership & Admin

Ines Gomes


Mari-Liis Sits

Club Secretary

Erin Jefferys

Website Officer

Sindi Barrios

Social Media Officer

Erin Jefferys

 Kit & Equipment Officer

Ieva Vaičaitytė

Welfare Officer

Tesni Perry

Youth Officer

Jeremy Harris

Socials Officer

Connor Stubbs


Ladies 1 Coach

Radu Florescu

Ladies 2 

Alex Jones

Ladies 2 Coach

Tim Godden

Ladies 3 Coach

Kevin Brady

Ladies 3 Coach

Annika Herrmann

Ladies 4 & U18s Boys Coach

Bupie Buiser

Ladies 4 Coach

Ted Nichols

Men's 1 Coach

Mauro Ceccarini

Men's 2 Coach

Martina Tremaroli

Men's 2 Coach

Nilgun Barri

Men's 3 Coach

Anita Nonev

Men's 3 Coach

Pawel Olszewski

Men's 4 Coach

Zak Jama

Development (Intermediate +) Coach

Antonio Meo

Development (Intermediate +) Coach

Konrad Zareba

Development (Beginner) Coach

Jamie Symington

Development (Beginner) Coach

Kit Valentine

Development (Beginner) Coach

Will Stewart

Youth Session Coach

Jeremy Harris



Interested in playing some volleyball? Email us with a little about your playing experience and what you're looking for and we'll be able to match you up with session we think you'll enjoy. 

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