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Bristol VC's young players join SWVA

The Southwest Volleyball Association (SWVA) is experiencing notable growth, exemplified by the recent inclusion of five talented young players from Bristol Volleyball Club in the U15 boys and girls squads. Their presence not only contributes to the depth of talent within SWVA but also signifies a promising development for youth volleyball in the region, bringing renewed energy and skill to the courts.

The journey for them begins with intense regional competition, as junior players from across the Southwest region competing for one of the 12 team places. These selected players will proudly represent the SW at the VE Inter Regional Championships, an annual event held at the National Volleyball Centre in Kettering over the late May bank holiday weekend.

There are monthly training sessions in Exeter, led by SW coaches, form a crucial part of the selection process. From September onward, the chosen squad engages in team training sessions, refining their skills and teamwork to prepare for the challenge ahead. The peak of their efforts will be showcased during a two-day junior championships, where they will face off against the other eight regions that constitute VE.

A remarkable aspect of Bristol Volleyball Club's success is the transformation of five juniors - and 3 out of those had never played volleyball before joining the club's youth section. Since the end of the lockdown, their passion, commitment, and love for the game have moulded them into well-rounded volleyball players. This growth did not go unnoticed, catching the discerning eyes of the coaching team at the SW.

Club coaches emphasise the importance of player engagement in the developmental process, placing the responsibility on individual players to shine. As a relatively new entrant to youth volleyball, Bristol Volleyball Club's achievement stands as a testament to its clubs culture, along with the dedication of committed volunteer coaches and a visionary approach that has opened the door to volleyball enjoyment for many young individuals, regardless of their playing level.

Inclusion in the U15 boys and girls squads signifies not only the talent of these Bristol Volleyball Club players but also a commitment to excellence and growth within the SWVA. Their strategic play, court awareness, and insightful decision-making showcase their exceptional abilities. Each player brings a unique set of skills to the court, enhancing the overall dynamics of the team.

This development marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in youth volleyball. Under the banner of SWVA, these new players will create memorable moments and, hopefully, secure numerous victories. As they unite with their teammates, the collective strength and dedication to volleyball exhibited by these young athletes point towards a bright future for the sport.

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